About Car Parking at Pinelands

Pinelands Plaza currently has parking enforcement.  The decision to put enforced parking at Pinelands was difficult but due to people leaving their cars at Pinelands all day and commuting to work or the City it was necessary to implement.  We value our customers and understand your time spent at Pinelands can sometimes be for a longer duration and we ask you to validate your parking for up to 5 hours, if you will be more than 3 hours in any one visit.  Validate your parking at Fresco Pinelands, Hanaromart, Fanhuali Music Bar & Restaurant or Yuan Bao Taiwanese Cuisine. We appreciate you and thank you for supporting our local businesses.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long can I park?

You can park at Pinelands for 3 hours per VISIT without validation.

What if I want to stay at Pinelands longer than 3 hours?

You can visit Pinelands for up to 5 hours per visit, however you are required to validate your car registration number on the same day at Fresco Pinelands, Hanaromart, Fanhuali Music Bar & Restaurant or Yuan Bao Taiwanese Cuisine. 

I was at Pinelands multiple times in one day, all visits under 3 hours and still received a breach notice.  What can I do?

You can dispute this via https://smartcomply.com.au/appeal/ or if unsuccessful email cm@pinelandsplaza.com.au

I have received a breached notice that I need to appeal.  How do I do this?

If you have a valid reason for not paying the breach notice, appeal the breach notice at https://smartcomply.com.au/appeal/ or post appeal with supporting documentation to Smart Compliance Management, PO Box 238, Fortitude Valley, Qld. 4006

My appeal has been declined by Smart Comply.  How do I dispute this?

Email cm@pinelandsplaza.com.au with your breach notice number and evidence of your dining or shopping.